Credit Union History

The American Greetings Federal Credit Union (AGFCU) was founded in July of 1949 by a volunteer group of employees at American Greetings Publishers to help fellow workers with their financial needs. Our mission to provide member/owners with financial services and guidance has not changed since our founding.

Organized as a member-owned "not for profit" financial cooperative with a clear mission, the Credit Union has grown in both asset size and in the number of employees and family members it serves. In December 1949, the Credit Union had 442 members with deposits equaling $14,000.00 and loans outstanding of $7,345.00. Today, with more than 3,500 members, the Credit Union has grown to more than $18,000,000.00 in assets and more than $14,000,000.00 of loans outstanding. And since 1997, the Credit Union has been serving all associates of American Greetings and its subsidiaries who are paid from Cleveland, Ohio.

Building on the foundation created in 1949 and guided by our mission, the American Greetings Federal Credit Union will continue to grow with our member/owners' need for affordable financial services and honest guidance.


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