Vehicle Loan Features & Discounts

Vehicle Loan Features

Flexible loan terms


1 to 72 months on vehicles up to 2 calendar years old

1 to 66 months on vehicles 3 to 6 calendar years old

No prepayment or early termination fees

Low cost value-added vehicle products are available from the Credit Union:

  • Vehicle Service Agreements

Protects you from the high cost of maintaining your vehicle

Includes roadside assistance, towing, travel expenses and rental car reimbursement

  • GAP Protection

Protects you in the event your stolen or totaled vehicle insurance settlement is less than your loan balance

  • Affordable Credit Life and Disability Insurance

Makes your loan payments in the event of disability and pays off or reduces your loan balance in the event of death

No health questions are required to obtain coverage

Pre-existing conditions ARE insured after 6 months from the date the insurance is purchased

Complements your existing insurance by covering your loan payments and allowing other insurance money to be used for the care of your family's day-to-day expenses

Provides low cost disability protection for self-employed people

Free loan rewrites

Receive a lower loan rate every time you notify the Credit Union that your credit score has improved a letter grade.

The Titled Secured Loan Payment Recalculation Program allows you to lower your loan payment as often as you want. The program will recalculate a new lower loan payment when you:

Sign a Titled Secured Loan Payment Recalculation Program Agreement form

Make a special loan payment that equals at least one monthly payment under the original loan terms

Pay a fee of $10.00 per recalculation

The Titled Secured Loan Skip-A-Payment Program helps you meet life's emergencies or unexpected bills. The program allow you to skip a loan payment, remain current on your loan and have the skipped payment's interest added to the end of your loan. To obtain a Skip-A-Payment you must:

Be current on all of your Credit Union loans

Complete and return a Titled Secured Loan Skip-A-Payment Program form with copies of your latest pay stubs

Pay a fee of $25.00

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